Sunday, May 19, 2013

hello interwebs

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.


welcome to my brain

i'm ella. (barely) 13-year-old feminist, bookworm, political aficionado, and as you can see, cliche lover.
i started this blog because there's so many interesting and crazy things in the world to write about. politics\current events, books, movies, music, and as much GIFs and memes as humanly possible.

before you start reading my blog, just a little warning: you might not agree with what I have to say. honestly, i don't mind, but DON'T go on rude rants in the comments section. debates are fine and we can have a civilized, intelligent conversation about our differing viewpoints. Feel free to post as many comments as possible! (just try to make them nice.)




  1. Omg kid, you're amazing. I was at least 15 years old before I started having my own opinions. Before that I didn't care much about social issues, and I was ignorant about politics. I had a "rebellious" period when I was 15-16, when I loudly declared I wouldn't attend my middle sister's confirmation (very childish of me, but I ended up going anyway). In anger over my sister's sudden "christening", I asked to leave the church (which I was a member of), and my mum had to sign my letter since I was still minor. (Church and state weren't separated in the 80s here in Sweden. Membership in the church was therefore mandatory if one of your parents were baptized.) Hehe. I think that was my first way of really expressing my own opinion. After that came high school and I became friends with liberal, environmental-friendly feminist vegans. I have a lot to thank them for cause they introduced me to topics I had been previously been completely ignorant about (like LGTB). During high school I studied some philosophy and had an existential crisis, which made me into who I am as well. Then I went to social work school (college) and became social liberal. Wow, time has gone since I was 13. I'm 24 by now. If you have all those opinions already, imagine how you'll be like when you're 24. I'm positive you will become something great. Yes, I think you could have a positive impact on the world, kid. :)

    1. Aww, you just made my day! I'm just excited that someone like you, in a different country and of a different age, can hear my opinions too.
      (You have such an interesting story, by the way!)

  2. Welcome to blogger hehe ^_^

    don't forget to add a bloglovin button or gfc button to the side of your blog, otherwise people can't follow you!! lots of love xx

  3. Thumbs upp. Love your blog ;DDD

  4. Omg!!! A other girl which is blogging and 13 years old!!!!Where you're from?